Kobo, iTunes, Barnes and Noble Pre-orders

It appears that it is possible to submit books for Pre-Order using my aggregator (D2D) though it’s not obvious to me which retailers will accept books for pre-order other than Barnes and Noble. I know that iTunes will allow pre-orders only if you use their hardware (a mac computer) to upload it, which I don’t have. Unlike Amazon, it’s also not obvious to me that I can upload a draft copy for pre-order placeholder and then upload the final version just before release so while I want to make Doc available for Pre-Order everywhere I can, I am waiting on the final edited version before uploading it so that no one accidentally gets sent the rough draft.

Sorry for all the technical jibber jabber but I just want to keep everyone in the loop on what’s going on. I’ll post links to Pre-Orders when they are available.

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If you liked Shooter but haven’t continued on just yet, I will be releasing a Burnout Box Set of the Complete Series for $9.99. That’s 33% off the entire Burnout Series.

For you regular readers, I did 0.99 for Easy at launch and will be doing that for Doc on launch day, so you’ve more or less paid the same price overall.

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Amazon’s new Pre-orders (a.ka. Amazon sticks it to Hachette via indie authors)

So you’re all pretty aware now of the Amazon/Hachette dispute. Last week Amazon sent a strange email to their self-published authors as a kind of rallying cry. I didn’t pay that much attention, but two days ago, Amazon dropped a real, actual bomb on everyone. I would love to say that Amazon loves us indie authors so much that they did this out of the kindness of their hearts, but that would be naive. No, Amazon made this move to stick it to Hachette because they took away Hachette’s pre-orders…and just gave them to indies.

Now this is a really big deal for a lot of self-published authors. It undoubtedly makes publishing a bit easier, or if you don’t use it any time soon, you at least know the option is there.

This is a screen shot of what the KDP dashboard now looks like for SOME KDP authors (I’m putting it here because apparently not everyone has this option available to them.) Other people got an Advertise with Amazon capability instead. I did not get that one.

KDP Preorder


So there it is in all its glory. The coveted Pre-order button, only available to traditionally published authors and super bestselling indies.

Now, I don’t know all the ins and outs of how it works, obviously, because it’s brand new. But the accompanying email is here:

KDP email


How It Works:

KDP How it Works


According to that, I CAN in fact uploaded the UNEDITED version of Doc (Burnout 5) to launch it as a pre-order and uploaded the FINAL document before release day. Note that there is a very clear deadline posted in RED when you click “Pre-Order”. The notice tells you that if you do not upload your FINAL DRAFT by the deadline you will lose Pre-order privelges for one full year. So they’re not playing around with this. We all need to be PRO if we’re going to do this. I don’t know that I will always use pre-orders depending on the metics, but I want all my options on the table just in case.

So let’s all cross our fingers that it actually works that way. Otherwise you’ll all end up with a version of Doc that’s been overrun with commas and dropped participles.

Here is the link to the pre-order for Doc. The book still drops on Sept. 12. I have no idea what time of day it will go live. We’ll all have to watch for that. I’m interested to see how it all works and whether or not it’ll fit into my plans for production from here on out.

As with Easy (Burnout 4), Doc is being released at 0.99 as part of my strategy to treat my front list like by backlist.

If you are a KDP author who DID NOT get the pre-order option yet, feel free to ask me anything about how the process went.


*Amazon says pre-orders autmatically go live at Midnight local time for their respective stores. Which is exactly what I’ve been trying to hit uploading myself all along, so that’s nice.

Stay Tuned

For a big announcement this weekend.

Ugh, I know, I know. Pre-announcements are SO LAME, Dahlia. But here’s the thing, people keep checking my site for updates and I wanted to let them know that there will actually BE a real update this weekend. I just didn’t want them to check the site TODAY, see nothing, and miss the announcement this weekend.

Stick with me, there’s a method to the madness, I swear!

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Shooter Update

So far I have done a BookSends, a Freebooksy, and a MyRomanceReads ad for Shooter being free. At this point I have gotten over 30,000 downloads. This…is incredible. If you were on the fence about getting ads other than the coveted Bookbub Ad, I’m here to tell you, it’s WORTH IT to stack a bunch of the other ads. Seriously.

A note on Booksends

I was turned down for a Bookbub ad, but I was accepted for an ad with Booksends as well as the free book of the day with My Romance Reads.

The Booksends email was sent out shortly after 2pm this afternoon. I was not the book of the day, just a “regular” book.

In the last four hours, I have gotten almost 1200 downloads. Shooter was on its way down in the ranks and is now back up to number 37 in the Free Store. With only around 7k subscribers total, and not all of them even Romance subscribers, I would have to say that Jason Letts, the man who I guess runs BookSends single-handedly, really knows his metrics.

I was impressed with the ad service and would apply to him again anytime. Here’s the link if any of you self-pubbers out there are interested:


Shooter Update

Wow so that hit FAST. I’d been keeping an eye on it since I set it to Free on D2D on Friday. It did not get changed to free on Barnes and Noble until just now and it’s already free on Amazon. So, I assume someone who was interested actually emailed Amazon to price match it, because normally making something free doesn’t happen that fast.

So, it took four days to make Shooter free everywhere, as opposed to the two weeks it took for Slick.

I’m trying to get more eyeballs on my writing and permafree is a pretty established strategy for doing that. Ultimately, the goal is getting more reviews for it because I currently cannot get a Bookbub ad without them.

Anywho, Shooter is now free. If you know anyone who’s had their eye on it, maybe let them know.

Shooter Free

I changed Shooter’s list price to free on my aggregator, Draft2Digital. Judging by my previous experience with Slick, it should be free on Amazon by Aug. 15th.

For any self-published authors or people thinking about self-publishing, I will post my permafree experience/results as I get them.

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I can’t believe it’s been a whole month since my last post. Anyway, since I’m new to all of this, I overestimated how much work I’d be able to get done while my mother in law was visiting and the tot was off school. The answer: Not much.

And now we just got back from visiting my mom out of state and the tot started school again yesterday (God Bless year round school). So… whew. Anyway, you might notice that I’ve gotten 5k more words done on Doc and I hand wrote more this afternoon. I won’t know the final word count until I type it up this evening, but I’m back in the saddle and hoping to ramp up my word count next week while the kid is at school all day.

Anyway, I originally wanted to release Doc in August but I’m not totally sure about that. I can finish it in August but it takes a while to have it edited. So I’m crossing my fingers for the last week in August but it might be early September for editing. I don’t know for sure.

Thanks for reading and I hope you’re having a great summer. To and from Indiana, I listened to “The Crime Writer” by Gregg Hurwitz, “The Mephisto Club” by Tess Gerritsen, and “77 Shadow Street” by Dean Koontz.

The Crime Writer was great. The Mephisto Club was my first Rizzoli and Isles book and it was… a lot different than I expected. “77 Shadow Street” was okay. It kind of came across like a mashup of The Shining and Rose Red but wasn’t nearly as good. I didn’t even finish listening to the whole thing…and I kind of don’t care.

Anyway, I’m chugging along now to the finish line.

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